Welcome To The Mellow Jaipur

We love food. We love meeting new people. These two things are what created Mellow 52 Café & Hostel. Being passionate about these two things got us together one late December evening towards the end of the year. A new year was dawning on us and we, like billions the world over, made a resolution to make this happen. Nothing brings people together like a destination to die for and mouth-watering food. We know. That is exactly what we also look for.


Our Signature Dishes

Mellow Special Chicken
Tender cooked chicken with special spices; this is a best seller in more ways than one. Succulent, zingly and luscious! Combine it with recommendations or have it just the way it is. It warms its way to your tummy and worms its way to your heart.

Bhuna Gosht
Distinct flavour of India right in this dish; slow cooked pieces of flavourful mutton, pan roasted to a beautiful zesty brown, the bhuna masala takes your palate several notches up. You will want more.

Butter Chicken Pizza
Cannot decide to go desi or videshi? Here it is. The creamy rich flavour of the evergreen butter chicken topped over mouth-watering pizza base, this is a hit pizza leaving you asking for more.

Chef Recommendation

Classic Alfredo Meets Desi
Creamy cheesy vegetarian classic pasta with fresh herbs and a fusion desi twist.

Bombay Sandwich
A signature sandwich found in Mumbai and popular with the old and young alike; this sandwich has a healthy stuffing. Simple. Hearty. Nostalgic.

Vada pav
The soul food of every desi Indian. Split a pav, butter toast it, smear with the classic chutneys and the sprinkle of special dry spice, place a deep fried potato dumpling in it and dig in a bite. Easy? Maybe. But not the way we make it. Eat it at our café or on the go…either ways you will want more.


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