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The role of a good cook ware in the preparation of a sumptuous meal cannot be
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Be ready to ask for seconds!

Be ready to ask for seconds! “I really do love the food here!” is what you will get to hear. We ensure what is served to you is fresh, full-bodied, and utterly delicious. We use finest seasonal ingredients, sourced from local farms and cater to supporting local farming community. With a range of carefully selected food and beverages, we offer a fantastic menu that gives you an assortment of choices. Food is never boring here!

Hang out with friends, hold a meeting, play board games and munch on snacks while you revive old memories and make new ones. Date. Wait. Meet. Write. Speak. Engage. Savour. Or simply be.

Café 52 is a great venue to also hold get-togethers and events with a cosy setting. The setting is mellow and yet has shades of exciting possibilities. You can ask us to make it fun or an elegant affair.

A few of the highlights of what you can create this as a space for:
Team Building Venue – Whether it is to build morale or brain storm your team in creative engagements, we can host bespoke events. We have an event coordinator who will meet with you and ensure your requirements are met.

Exclusive dining experiences
Meetings – Who says meetings have to be boring or formal? The best meetings are conducted in comfortable environments with a relaxed hospitable team to back you up. Are you working from home but need a meeting place that is economical but presentable? Travelling on a budget to have business meetings and looking for a presentable inexpensive space? Use our venue for meetings.

Customised Parties – Unforgettable experiences with our sumptuous food and hospitality.

All you need to do is discuss with us ideas you have and we will convert them into actual events full of infinite possibilities.


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